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Rapid Antigen / RT-PCR
If you're looking to check if you currently have COVID-19, Rapid Antigen is most recommended.

Antigen or PCR
If you're looking to check if your vaccine has developed an immune response or if you've been exposed to COVID-19 in the past.
Yes, our Antigen and RT-PCR tests are approved for international travel. However we recommend for you to contact the authorities at your destination before you leave to ensure you have the proper Covid19 entry test. - Travelling to the USA (CDC:) Rapid Antigen Accepted
Rapid Antigen Tests detect the presence of viral proteins (antigens) expressed by the COVID-19 virus in a sample from the respiratory tract of a person.
The Rapid Antigen Tests are concluded within approximately 15 minutes. You will receive the emailed results within 30min - 1 hour. You also have the option to wait on site to receive your verbal results in approximately 15 minutes from being tested.
As per the manufacturer the results are:


Nasal swab vs Nasopharyngeal PCR:
Sensitivity 91.1% / Specificity 99.7%
Yes, you can pay for as many tests as you would like. Simply come to our drive-thru site with your order number and a piece of government ID. Our nurse will check-in your group so we can proceed with the tests.
Each person takes only around 3min (Antigen or PCR) to be tested.
If your test is positive for Covid-19 then you must immediately contact your local health guidelines for information on how to proceed. All of this information can be found in the link below:,local%20public%20health%20authority
Yes, our nurses will forward any positive results to Health Canada and provincial public health authorities.
No. The tests screen for the presence of the virus, if you are asymptomatic then you may not have enough virus in your system to trigger a positive result. We recommend that you speak to your local healthcare representatives and follow government guidelines regarding the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.
Please contact your private insurance company to confirm if this test will be covered.
Our products are non refundable, plese contact for further assistance. Results may be delayed if the lab determines your sample requires additional reflex testing to get a definitive positive or negative result. In these cases, we try our best to adhere to the time guarantee by working with the labs to get the results released as soon as they are finished processing. In no way is Go Test Rapid responsible for a delayed or missed flight due to indeterminate results.
Yes, as with any medical screening, there can be false positive/false negative results. We recommend that you contact your local health authority for more information or secondary screening/testing.

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